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A18 Squirrel Trap Kit

  • Price $199.95 EACH

This product must ship ground due to the CO2 cartridges.

The Squirrel Trapping Kit starts with the incredible Goodnature® A18 Squirrel trap. The A18 is a unique Squirrel and Large Rodent Trap that automatically resets, uses a DIY lure basket system for customized lure solutions by users and is a certified humane trapping unit. Like with the A24, the A18 makes use of 16g CO2 canisters to deliver 18 unattended, powerful and effective strikes. 

Like all great traps, your success will partially rely on the lure selected by the user. The A18 is no different — Squirrels can be attracted to many food sources and this flexibility in food source is why the A18 makes use of the DIY lure basket. The DIY lure basket gives users the flexibility to select what lure in the area is most effective at trapping squirrels and/or other large rodents. Should the user want a tried and tested humane, toxin free solution, please see our Goodnature 50g Automatic Paste Pumps (ALPs). These pumps are certified toxin free and function for up to 6 consecutive months

  • Multi-kill system provides constant protection
  • Effective and certified humane
  • Toxin free and safe for pets
  • Digital counting for manual verification
  • Target Pest would be squirrel, large rodent, or mongoose


This trap does not include bait; please look through our baits and lures web page. Also, you can use typical baits for squirrels, etc, like peanut butter, bird seed, and the like.

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